Cartoon FX Remaster v1 Free Download

Looking forward to bringing more decoration into your game? Download the Cartoon FX Remaster v1 free unity asset for adding VFX particles in the game.

Cartoon FX Remaster v1 Review

The most interesting part of any game is the explosion or power effects, which excite the visual of the game. For such explosions, we use FX particles to enhance the energy and action in the game. These particles not only attract the user but also makes the happening powerful in the game. Also, check out cartoon props to bring more enhancements and decorations to the game.

Download Free Cartoon FX Remaster for Unity

The unity package of FX particles given below has a variety of amazing pop-up and neon effects one can use in his game in order to approach the user of the game. There are so many special featured effects such as splashes, bomb blasts, flames, currents, fire, lighting, electricity, ashes, and many more cool effects. Let’s have a look at the features of cartoon fx particles unity package. Also, download the free game creator to make games easily on unity.

Download Unity Cartoon FX Remaster For Unity

Functions of Cartoon FX Remaster Unity Package

  1. Reliable to work on both 2D and 3D.
  2. Various effects are involved like bomb blasts, ashes, fire, lightning, flames, splashes, and many other popups.
  3. Latest and compact FX particles asset of unity.
  4. It’s just a few clicks away to create a different pleasing variety of effects in cartoon FX easy editor.
  5. A well-known unity asset offering special and latest FX particles.
  6. Easy and reliable working on desktop, mobile phones, and consoles.
  7. Enhance various cartoon text effects.
  8. Easy animation of lights for in-scene preview as well as camera shaking is offered.
  9. Bloom post-processing for HDR FX effects.

Cartoon FX Remaster Asset Specifications

  • Unity Version Support: 2018.4.11 or higher
  • Asset Version: R 1.1.0
  • Released On: 11Feburary 2021
  • Asset File Size: 10.1 MB

Cartoon FX Remaster 1 Free Download

Download the free latest version of Cartoon FX Remaster for unity. For commercial use, we would recommend you download this unity asset from the official store to support the developer.


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