Character Movement Fundamentals v2.1 Free Download

Provide smooth and professional movements to your game character by downloading and using the free Character Movement Fundamentals v2.1 unity asset.

Character Movement Fundamentals v2.1 Review

A game character is the backbone of any game. Basically, the game character is the main component that runs the entire game. This character movement asset is designed in a specific order, in which a user can mold and add any required movement to a character. It can work on a single-person shooter as well as on a third-person adventure game because it is designed to be used for any character movements. In short, it is a complete package of character motions. Who can think of moving a character into a game with so ease and reliability? But now it is really easy to do so. Download the free version of Cartoon FX Remaster to bring VFX particle effects.

Free Character Movement Fundamentals Asset For Unity

Another feature is that it can handle all types of terrain, paths, slopes, and tracks without losing ground which results in smooth and realistic movements. Character movement unity has developed the easy access and integration of controlled prefabs with the character more efficiently and user-friendly. Also, this asset offers all basic and interesting camera perspectives like the first person, third person, top-down, etc. You can also check out UMOTIONRPO which is a unity animation asset to animate a character into the game.

Character Movement Fundamentals v2.1 Free Download

Functions of Character Movement Fundamentals v2.1

  1. Modify and adjust all movement options like speeds, walk speed, run speed, air control and. many more.
  2. A professional and authentic movement asset for a game character.
  3. Addition of rigged environment building blocks.
  4. Complete modification of controller system.
  5. Support of multi-purpose camera system.
  6. 16 all-ready controller prefabs available.
  7. Compatible for all kind of camera perspectives and games
  8. Complete collection of low-poly animated character models.
  9. 3 ground detection methods for optimizing games for a preferred platform.
  10. Support a reliable way of perspective-changing of the atmosphere and character
  11. Coverage of entire smart motions and postures of a character.
  12. A full version of the source code included in this character movement package.

Character Movement Fundamentals Asset Specifications

  • Unity Version Support: 2017.4.40 or higher
  • Asset Version: 2.1
  • Released On: 24 September 2020
  • Asset File Size: 9.7 MB

Character Movement Fundamentals 2.1 Free Download

Download the free latest version of Cartoon FX Remaster for unity. For commercial use, we would recommend you download this unity asset from the official store to support the developer.


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