Dynamic Bones v1.2.2 Free Download

Do you want to add some physics and motions into your game character? You should download the Dynamic Bone v1.2.2 animation asset for adding animation and physics to bones.

Dynamic Bone v1.2.2 Review

Any 3D game is all about how a game character brings energy into the scene. This physics animation asset has been developed to let developers add motion or physics into the game character. Using this character animation asset is way easy and simple. Character bones animation has never been this much smart and professional as it is today just because of this 3D animation unity asset. Not only 3D character bones, but you can also animate cloth, body, hair, and other parts of the game model.

Dynamic Bone 1.2.2 Free Download

Functions of Dynamic Bones

  • A professional and popular character animation asset.
  • Add physics and motion to character bones.
  • Animate almost all parts of the body.
  • Very convenient and advanced options for adding motion to the character.
  • No complex coding required as such.
  • Enable/Disable character tail dynamic.
  • Adjust various character animation parameters easily.
  • Smooth and professional in use.
  • Allows working with Mecanim and legacy animation.
  • Easy and simple in usage.
  • Complete source code also comes along with this animation asset.
Download Dynamic Bone v1.2.2 Free

Dynamic Bones Asset Specifications

  • Unity Version Support: 2018.4.13 or higher
  • Asset Version: 2.1.3
  • Released Date: 9 February 2021
  • Asset File Size: 140 MB

Dynamic Bone v1.2.2 Free Download

Download the free latest version of Dynamic Bone asset to learn applying physics motion to the character. For commercial use, we would recommend you download this unity asset from the official store to support the developer.


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